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COVID-19 Update


California beaches this past weekend!

Hello from all of us at Orange County Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and Salisbury Plastic Surgery in Worcester, MA. Well, this past week saw Stevie return to Orange County Plastic Surgery from her week at Salisbury Plastic Surgery – Stevie, you were missed in OC! And this past week saw Dr. Ekstrom come out to Newport Beach to spend some time at Orange County Plastic Surgery. This past weekend, Drs Ekstrom and Bunkis rented a large van, picked up Dr. Ekstrom’s son and his family at LAX, and drove them to their new home in Santa Barbara – transition for them is complete! Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day with temperatures in the 80’s. We took them up the Pacific Coast Highway to show them a more scenic route, with the thought that we’d stop somewhere up the coast for a picnic and to let the grandchildren play in the California sand. Well, it did not turn out to be a wise decision – the PCH was SO packed, not one State Park between Santa Monica to Santa Barbara had room for one more car! It seems like many people in So Cal had the same idea – the beaches and roads were packed with people not wearing masks! We called ahead to the restaurant at Crystal Cove and were told the wait to get in was three hours long. All the other restaurants along the way had long lines snaking up to the entrance, with waiting times exceeding the capability of tired children to endure - so, we fed everyone in the car! This led us to conclude that for many people, a “pandemic is over”, or “we’re over with the pandemic” attitude was creeping in.

There are many other signs that this “over with the pandemic” attitude is creeping in. Airports are jammed again, airfares are rising and the most airport shops are open again. People are planning their summer vacations. The headlines in the New York Times the last two days dealt with a cargo ship stuck, and then unstuck, in the Suez Canal, and not the pandemic. Church parking lots used to have cones to keep a space between all cars (are cars in danger of catching COVID as well?) – this past Sunday was Palm Sunday and the church parking lots were overfilled, no cones between cars, and so were the churches! A few weeks ago, we attended a rodeo in Wickenburg, Arizona, along with about 3,000 other people, and were surprised not to see a single person at the event wearing a mask! Orange and Los Angeles Counties are going to the “orange” threat level and opening more space in restaurants and other places of business. Every restaurant we have been to in the last month has been packed! More and more of our friends have been vaccinated and getting together socially is now possible. Massachusetts, California, New York, Texas and many other States are making the vaccine universally available to all people above 16 years of age within the next few week – the mood is positive and universal eligibility is on the horizon in the United States of America. And we continue to learn heartening news about the real-world performance of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. We now know that a two-dose vaccine has prevented deaths and serious infections, and that since it is very rare for vaccinated patients to get infected, it is equally unlikely that a vaccinated person can transmit the disease to others. The vaccines have also been shown to be effective against the variants that have popped up as well.

Yes, we are all sick of the pandemic but not all of the news regarding COVID cases is positive. We were seeing a steady decline in the number of COVID infections in the United States since the January surge, but over the last two weeks, even though a third of Americans have now received at least one dose of the vaccine, the number of cases is now rising again! Over the last two weeks, the number of COVID cases has risen 15% in the United States! But interestingly, as we become better at treating the symptoms (and perhaps, because so many of the vulnerable have already died), the death rate from COVID infections has DECREASED 29% over the last two weeks, and our hospitals are no longer overflowing with COVID patients!

The UK seems to be out of the woods as well with 45% of its population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. Other parts of Europe like Italy and Brazil in South America, however, have not vaccinated large parts of their populations and infection (and death) rates are soaring. Who knows when the international situation will be stabilized enough to allow unrestricted travel around the globe? We certainly hope that come October, it will be safe to do so as we have purchased tickets to Medellin, Columbia and hope to explore that part of the world this fall – so, stay posted! Stay safe! Get vaccinated as soon as you have the opportunity to do so!

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Stay healthy! Stay happy and persevere! Feed the Courage Wolf and starve the Fear Wolf!

The end of the pandemic is almost here! Go conquer another mountain!

Get vaccinated!

Be grateful for what you have now and for what is on the horizon - vaccines for everyone.

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