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Latvia’s White Tablecloth Day

Latvia’s White Tablecloth Day

By Dr. Juris Bunkis

This weekend, Latvia celebrated the 33rd anniversary of regaining it’s independence from the Soviet Union. This event is celebrated on May 4th every year and I was fortunate in participating in this celebration in Los Angeles.

Latvia’s Independence Day, celebrated on November 18th, marks the country’s declaration of independence in 1918 – and is not to be confused with the celebration commemorating regaining of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. White Tablecloth Day, commemorated on May 4th, specifically honors this latter event.

The significance of Independence Day lies in Latvia’s enduring struggle for self-determination and freedom. It began with the collapse of the Russian Empire during World War I, allowing Latvia to proclaim itself an independent republic on November 18, 1918. However, this independence was short-lived as Latvia was invaded by and forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940, invaded by the Nazis in 1941, and again by the Soviets in 1944 – this time the hated Soviets for half a century.

The celebration of Independence Day typically involves various cultural events, ceremonies, and patriotic displays across the country. Citizens gather to reflect on Latvia’s history, paying homage to those who fought for independence and reaffirming their commitment to national sovereignty.

White Tablecloth Day, introduced in 2000, specifically commemorates Latvia’s restoration of independence from Soviet rule. It is named after a symbolic act where Latvian citizens displayed white tablecloths on their balconies and windowsills as a sign of peaceful resistance against Soviet occupation.

Modern celebrations of both Independence Day and White Tablecloth Day include concerts, flag-raising ceremonies, fireworks, and public speeches by political leaders. These occasions serve as reminders of Latvia’s hard-won freedom and the resilience of its people in the face of adversity.

White Tablecloth Celebration at the Latvian Center in Los Angeles.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery – Minimally Invasive Neck & Body Skin Tightening Procedure Coming to OCPS

By Dr. Deborah Ekstrom

In the past facial rejuvenation and body contouring patients fell into three categories:

1) Those best served with a “lifting” or “excision”…… a traditional skin excision and tissue suspension surgical procedure;

2) those not bad enough to warrant a surgical procedure but who are uncomfortable with their “look” (especially in photos when seen in profile or when undressed);

3) those who could benefit from a surgical procedure but are unwilling or unable to choose that option.

Previously, we did not have much to offer those in the second or third categories, but now help is on the way. My FDA cleared (Inmode Corporation) FaceTite/BodyTite® radio frequency machine is on its way to Orange County Plastic Surgery this week and will be available for non-surgical, minimally invasive skin and tissue tightening!

Radiofrequency skin tightening has been around since the early 2000s. It utilizes electromagnetic waves to heat the skin’s deeper layers, stimulating collagen production for tighter, firmer skin. Today’s machines like my FaceTite/BodyTite® machine, feature advancements in technology, offering more precise control, increased safety, and enhanced effectiveness compared to those from 2000. The early radio frequency technologies, while effective for skin/tissue tightening, tended to be slow to utilize and difficult to monitor energy output (leading to everything from not enough improvement to skin burn).

Over the last 25 years, the technology and options became more sophisticated such that radio frequency energy technologies became faster, more efficient, and more effective. FaceTite/BodyTite® is one of these newest modalities, which monitors precisely how much energy has been delivered to the tissues, and is faster than previous offerings.

This modality also has the added benefit of removing some of the fatty tissue beneath the skin. A straight FaceTite® or BodyTite® procedure requires a poke in the skin and infusion of tumescent fluid under the skin before the procedure begins – most patients can tolerate this procedure in an office setting, perhaps with some oral sedation – for patients uncomfortable with injections, and for those requiring a lot of liposuction, it will be better to do the procedure in the operating room under intravenous sedation.

FaceTite® is utilized mostly for the neck (and sometimes lower face), and consists of a wand that travels beneath the skin combined with a disc arm that glides over the skin surface using a gel lubricant. The energy passes between the two. This treats the skin and the tissue in between, resulting in collagen contraction and results a tightening effect – over the NEXT SIX MONTHS. Excess fatty tissue in small amounts is melted and can be removed. If larger fatty deposits need treatment, FaceTite® can be combined with neck liposuction to contour and tighten.

Improvement ranges from 25% to 45% tightening compared to a surgical procedure and the outcome depends on the patient’s age, condition of the skin, and its elastic potential. (Younger patients tend to have better elasticity).  The patient can see some improvement immediately, but the full effect progresses slowly for up to six months.

BodyTite® is the same technology, but uses a longer wand and hand piece and treats larger body areas like inner thighs, bra rolls, and upper arms.  These areas may also be treated with liposuction if excess fatty tissue is present.

For patients with a facelift level of skin laxity, I only treat their neck if they will be happy with a 25% to 45% improvement and they tell me that they will never have a facelift. Other patients for whom this is a good value are those with mild to moderate skin laxity, who cannot accept a scar in the area of their concerns, and are satisfied with less than a surgical level result. For those patients a minimally invasive procedure can boost confidence without surgical rejuvenation or skin excision.

If you would like to explore your options with me, please set up an appointment and let us discuss your best way forward.

44 year old female before and after a neck liposuction and FaceTite® procedure (actual patient of Dr. Deborah Ekstrom)

49 year old female before and after a neck liposuction and FaceTite® procedure (actual patient of Dr. Deborah Ekstrom)

42 year old female before and after an inner arm liposuction and BodyTite® procedure (actual patient of Dr. Deborah Ekstrom)

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