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White tablecloth celebration at latvian center

This past week, Latvians around the world celebrated regaining independence from the Soviet Union a second time. Latvians commemorate this second independence by celebrating around tables adorned with white tablecloths. No Latvian Celebration would be complete without a prayer, singing, folk dances and excellent food! This certainly was the case at the Latvian Center in Los Angeles last weekend. This year’s celebration included a tribute to our Ukrainian brothers and sisters who are suffering so much at the hands of the Russians.

Latvia first got its independence from the Soviet Union in 1918. The Soviets signed a treaty, “guaranteeing“ Latvia’s independence in perpetuity – but changed their minds in 1940 at the outbreak of World War II and again invaded Latvia. This time they settled in, thousands of Latvian citizens were murdered or sent to Siberia, and the Russians did not leave for 50 years, until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. The Russians again signed a treaty, recognizing Latvia’s right to be a free nation but Putin has made it very clear lately that the breakup of the Soviet Union was a big mistake and that the Baltics truly should be Russian territory. Russians are not known for keeping their word. Given the situation in Ukraine these days, one cannot take Putin’s threats lightly. The main thing keeping the Baltic nations of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania free is membership in NATO and the European Union.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery---Great at Any Age by Dr. Ekstrom

We share family stories in the office and families never fail to entertain: As one of our staff’s young teenage daughters approached womanhood, she started wearing tiny thong underwear. On laundry day she found them put away with her hair things. “Why are these in here?” She asked her parents. “I thought they were hair scrunchies,” her father replied, holding one up. “It looks like one to me.” With teenagers, it is hard to keep up!

My patient, P.L., is a tall drink of water; and slender as well. She spends winters in a warm climate and just got back to Massachusetts for her breast lift (mastopexy) follow-up appointment.

We reviewed an area of the lower part of one of her breasts that had an odd pulling and tethered sensation when I had last seen her right after her surgery. (Every result is unique, and I still see things I have never seen before!).

Thankfully, all that was better, and her breast had healed well. She has good sensation, too, and nice shape and symmetry. I always ask how the partner likes the change after surgery. She reported that her husband loves her new shape and loves to touch her breasts now that they are no longer tender. He even bought her a one-piece “Body Glove” bathing suit to show off her new figure.

Her niece, age 53, took her to lunch while in Florida. On an interaction with a group of women seated near them she asked how old her companion looked to them “Oh, 50’s, maybe early 60’s” they reported. Her niece almost broke up laughing. Although she does not look it (or act it), P.L. is now 75 and shows no signs of giving up on herself. We salute you, P.L.! You are an inspiration and a delight!
See her Body Glove bathing suit that her husband bought her below.

Looking hot at 75 (actual patient of Dr. Ekstrom)

Mastopexy is a procedure that restores a droopy breast into a firmer, more pleasing shape.

Mature Breast Mastopexy – 70 year old female before, marked for surgery, and year following a mastopexy procedure.

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