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Greetings from Istanbul! by Drs. Ekstrom and Bunkis

By Dr. Juris BunkisMay 31, 2022June 28th, 2022No Comments

Dr. Ekstrom & Dr. Bunkis exploring Istanbul, Turkey this weekend

Istanbul, spreading across two continents, is the cultural hub of Turkey. There is no other city quite like it – constantly on the move!  Historical sights such as the Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace brush up against buzzing bars and lively cafes, with Ottoman-era mosques a short walk from contemporary art museums and galleries, with traditional carpet shops around the corner from trendy boutiques, Istanbul is a city of old and new coexisting. The Byzantine architecture is incredible. The Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, for example, has been rebuilt three times. First built in 532 AD by order of Emperor Justinianos, the structure collapsed due to an earthquake in 558. It was rebuilt to become the largest Eastern Roman Church in Istanbul. It was sacked and looted in 1204 by the Venetians and the Crusaders during the Fourth Crusade. It was converted to a grand mosque during the Otoman Empire and remains so to this day. Every corner of this fascinating city brings more history, more surprises, to discover.

Spotlight on Plastic Surgery--- The Natural Looking Breast Augmentation by Dr. John Compoginis

25 year old before and after breast augmentation (actual patient of Dr. Compoginis)

While we as plastic surgeons recognize that there are many instances around us of the “overdone and unnatural” look after breast surgery, it is of course always possible to perform a breast augmentation with a completely natural look. In fact most patients during consultation request an enhancement or augmentation without the “fake” look often seen on social media, TV, or around us. So what has gone wrong when we see those unnatural results? Three general factors play a role…

1. Implant choice: choosing an implant size is not as straightforward as it may seem. There are many, many options. Although patients may have a certain cup size in mind, achieving that cup size must be reached through a variety of variables including the patient’s height, weight, chest size and shape and the patient’s native breast.

2. Location of the implant: There are three choices for most patients: above the muscle, below the muscle and a combination of the two. Placing the implant underneath (below) the muscle camouflages the upper part of the implant making it less noticeable. This also adds more volume and cleavage at the upper pole of the breast. When the implant is above the muscle the implant shows more- there is less tissue on top of the implant to disguise it. There is a combination approach that attempts to combine the benefits of both locations. In general an implant above the muscle has a higher chance of an unnatural look.

3. Surgeon who performs the surgery: Please always make sure your surgeon is an actual board certified plastic surgeon. There are many physicians out there who claim to be plastic surgeons or “cosmetic surgeons” but not all of them have the proper training and education. A board certified plastic surgeon will give you the best chance of achieving your individual needs and goals.

At Orange County Plastic Surgery our surgeons are not only board certified, they are double board certified!

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